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mafia wars of DA
United States
wed love new members, everyone is welcome ^^
Welcome to the home page of Mafia Wars on DA

we know you like mafia wars on Facebook, and if you dont, we still love ya' ^_~

here is the deal--
+every gang has their own DA page to keep us all seperated and happy with our enemies for the time being.
+you are allowed to name your gang and page whatever you would like--we don't care if you want to name your gang the happy sparkly unicorns or something of that nature. :")
+when you have created your gang note THIS page with a link to the group. and we will put it up on the main page.
+the minimum number of members u can have is 1 the most is not limited.


+characters can only die with their owner/creator's permission
+if you feel the need to rp sex it should be in private and not in the chat.
+dons, the bosses, just like in the mafia, are to be treated with respect, unless not the boss of your joined mafia.
+spies are allowed but they must be submitted as members to both mafias.
+any gender is allowed, but no superhumans, vampires, monsters, animals,ect are.

gangs can be submitted starting July 1, 2009 Gangs need a minimal of one person and no maximum to join.

:icontheawesomemafia: = the awesome gang
:iconthe-cinzento: = the cinzento gang

The awesome mafia + the cinzento gang = friendly

when you have a completed page for this club you must put a link to the chatroom on your main journal page=…

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